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Each week, join Michael J. and guests as they discuss outrageous hypothetical situations.

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    29. Pregame Shows and Radio Stations

    Dave, aka SirJerkFace, is back to plan pregame shows with Michael before they each create brand new radio stations.

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    28. Biographies and Children’s Albums

    Mike TV is back, and he brought his guitar and sweet, sweet vocals. Mike and Michael make some critical decisions about their own biographies, and then they create a pair of soon-to-be best-selling children’s music albums.

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    25. New Year’s Resolutions and Sports

    Yvgenii gives Michael new year’s resolutions to follow and then Michael returns the favor. Then, some crazy new sports are created.

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    24. Vacations and Lemonade Stands

    He’s back… Scott is here to plan a vacation for Michael and then Michael gets his revenge in planning Scott’s vacation. Then, the pair brainstorm their own takes on modern “lemonade” stands.

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    23. Photo Walks and Mini Golf Courses

    SirJerkFace, aka Dave, is back to discuss with Michael who they want to take a photo walk with and what kinds of mini golf courses they plan to build.

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    22. Warmup Games and Halls of Fame

    This week, Yvgenii is back to chat with Michael about warmup games, and then, they create new halls of fame.

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