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Each week, join Michael J. and guests as they discuss outrageous hypothetical situations.

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    34. Gardens and Superheroes

    This week, Yvgenii is back to plant a garden that will make you hungry while Michael has someone build a fragile one. Then, Yvgenii creates the super hero of sound, and Michael reveals his long con.

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    33. Podcasts and Drinks

    Phil is back to discuss chatting with Benjamin Franklin while Michael introduces Ebola Cola.

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    32. Twitch Streams and Pop-Up Shops

    Michael welcomes Brad Dowdy, aka The Pen Addict, to discuss epic Twitch gaming streams and extraordinary pop-up shops.

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    31. Skills and Zoos

    This week, Yvgenii learns how to high dive, Michael makes a better commercial, and then they build new zoos.

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    29. Pregame Shows and Radio Stations

    Dave, aka SirJerkFace, is back to plan pregame shows with Michael before they each create brand new radio stations.

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    28. Biographies and Children’s Albums

    Mike TV is back, and he brought his guitar and sweet, sweet vocals. Mike and Michael make some critical decisions about their own biographies, and then they create a pair of soon-to-be best-selling children’s music albums.

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    25. New Year’s Resolutions and Sports

    Yvgenii gives Michael new year’s resolutions to follow and then Michael returns the favor. Then, some crazy new sports are created.

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