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Each week, join Michael J. and guests as they discuss outrageous hypothetical situations.

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    39. Goodie Bags and Steeplechase

    In this special edition of Hyperthetical, Michael provides sound (or lack thereof) advice with regards to goodie bags. Then, he reveals the world’s greatest Olympic event and offers suggestions to make it even better.

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    38. Grilling and Congressional Investigations

    Scott is back to grill steaks for Chris Rock, subpoena the Hamburglar, and take McDonald’s to task. Meanwhile, Michael holds a grilling competition for the Supreme Court and then launches the Food Advertising Should Be Truthful, Factual, or Obsessively Detailed (FASTFOOD) congressional investigation.

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    37. Street Murals and Subscription Services

    This week, Yvgenii brings the swamp to Washington while Michael goes, well, just listen to find out. Then, Yvgenii takes makes boards more accessible, and Michael goes, well, again, just listen to find out.

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    36. Spring Cleaning and Tournament Brackets

    This week, Yvgenii returns to fix the world’s debt while Michael has an odd new method for organization. Then, Yvgenii takes pi(e) to a whole new level, and Michael destroys a multimillion-dollar clean room.

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    34. Gardens and Superheroes

    This week, Yvgenii is back to plant a garden that will make you hungry while Michael has someone build a fragile one. Then, Yvgenii creates the super hero of sound, and Michael reveals his long con.

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    33. Podcasts and Drinks

    Phil is back to discuss chatting with Benjamin Franklin while Michael introduces Ebola Cola.

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    32. Twitch Streams and Pop-Up Shops

    Michael welcomes Brad Dowdy, aka The Pen Addict, to discuss epic Twitch gaming streams and extraordinary pop-up shops.

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    31. Skills and Zoos

    This week, Yvgenii learns how to high dive, Michael makes a better commercial, and then they build new zoos.

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